HFCN has gave me a rundown on what to do during the college process and after. Every time I receive an financial aid letter from my accepted colleges, I will always send it to my coaches for some feedback and a rundown summary on which college has gave more money or not, which scholarships and grants I have received, etc. and it has been very helpful.–

Aisha O., New York

I started HFCN to prepare me for starting college in the fall of 2022. The chat services on the website is my favorite part of the this service because of its convenience. Each time I had questions about anything for college such as what websites to use for my school, I received a response right away.

Olivia F., California

HFCN helped me maintain organized and reminded to do the work that I needed to do so that I can get into the college I wanted to go. HFCN also helped me feel more comfortable and guided knowing that if I’m doing something wrong or forgetting something they will always be there to help me pave the way.

Jahaira G., Texas

HFCN coaches were always open to answering any of the questions or concerns I had. They helped a lot reviewing my FAFSA and also helped find the best colleges to fit my academic profile.

Lynnesia Y., Nevada

HFCN has helped me in several ways to prepare me for college. The coaches were not only helpful but friendly too. They knew how to help me with my problems and had an answer to every one of my questions.

Alan P., Nevada

HFCN has helped prepared me for college by having the wonderful coaches supporting me consistently every day in any college help I need. The coaches would respond back in a very quick and reasonable time because they were always there for me. For example, I have asked the coaches about the financial cost for my college in which they sent me an extremely well-structured financing plan.–

Melissa G., California

Before signing up with HFCN, my family and I were completely lost in the college process. HFCN was able to support and guide me throughout my journey. Without the help of HFCN, I don’t believe I would be as far in the process as I am today. In high school, I never had the opportunity to talk to a counselor about my future. HFCN has been a true blessing to my family and I.

Chloe M., Arizona

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