You were not only helpful for the student, but also for the parents. My parents were able to read and check out my progress. They would often contact the coaches and easily get their questions answered.

Eliza L., WI

They provided me with a series of tests to find out possible careers that I might be interested in. These tests were incredibly helpful as I have never had an idea of what I would like to study in the future. Thanks to them, I have found the career that suits my personality, skills, likes, and dislikes the best: Electrical Engineering. After finding a career and being sure it was what I wanted to study, they helped me find a list of colleges narrowed down to my preferences. There were many options that I would have never considered if I hadn’t requested help from the coaches to find the perfect university for me.

Flavio A., WA

The tools and resources available to members of the program are unparalleled in their preparation for life as a college student.

Michael S., NY

This program has helped me so much. When I first signed up for the program, I already knew that I wouldn’t be alone in my college application process.

Natalia C., TX

The FAFSA review was extremely helpful as me and my mom struggled continuously with the laborious task. The coaches were there to help guide us through this tedious process and review our work after to make sure we made no mistakes and got the best aid for college. Everyone made me feel like I was the only thing that mattered to them at the moment. They gave me all the attention and help I needed.

Isaiah H., NY

My contact with the coaches was never a waste of time because I was guided on the right path and was helped when I was struggling with a particular issue. The program has helped me prepare for college in an enlightening way and I am proud to be one of its members. Thank you so much for all the support. I would highly recommend this amazing service to my siblings in their own time as high school students.

Sarah O., NJ

Throughout my high school years I always thought I wouldn’t be able to receive the help I would need, too many deadlines, questioning what to do in colleges, where I’m going, and what am I best fit for as a job? All these questions were flooding during my sophomore and junior years. But with the program, they gave me more help than I ever thought I would get.

Jacqueline R., CA

Without the help of this team, I am sure that I would not have gotten accepted into my number one college choice. During the first semester of my senior year, I was extremely unorganized and unaware of events that I should have kept in mind. With the timeline and constant emails sent out by them, I was able to put myself back on track and put together the best applications possible to the colleges I applied to.

Michael E., NY

The coaches I talked to were always helpful and led me to more information about the colleges I looked at. I got a lot of help figuring out what kind of college I was looking for and the major I was going to choose. I’m thankful you guys found me. They have kept me motivated to end my senior year successfully and on a positive note.

Aurora S., IL

Before submitting an essay for either a college application or a potentially high paying scholarship, the coach’s comments about each essay I submitted both strengthened my writing and increased the effectiveness of each essay.

Colin R., LA

This program helped me organize my college list and helped me prioritize what I needed to improve. They also helped me with my college application process, especially my common application essay. Thank you for providing this service and continuing to provide it. As a first generation American student, it was hard finding guidance for my college future but this service really helped.

Ife A., MD

Specifically for me, the program has helped me to prepare for college through providing me with very detailed information regarding the different colleges, its surroundings, and finding the best college for me based off of academics, background, and cost. The personality and aptitude tests were extremely helpful when it came to deciding what I wanted to do and although it might change over the coming years, having a solid idea going into college has left me with a piece of mind.

Jason S., HI

Whenever I had a question there was always a coach there willing to answer my chat back with me. Everything was organized and done within a timely matter. The timely emails always reminded me and kept me focused and on task. I am very thankful for your services!

Tanika P., SC

This program has pretty much helped me understand the world of planning and decision making that’s to come in the future besides college. It’s helped me understand the responsibilities and precautions that an individual myself must look out for. The emails notifying or reminding me to take part in certain activities that need to get done were also helpful.  It just made me realize that I wasn’t on my own.

Kurtis W., NY

This program has helped me prepare for colleges in ways such as keeping me on track, sending me timely information, and guiding me through every step of the way. From the coaches to the services the entire experience was enjoyable. I highly recommend.

Billy G., AR

This program has helped me immensely with college preparation. From reminders of scholarship and testing deadlines, to helping me pick the career that’s the perfect fit for me. I’ve gained a better understanding of my career path and can’t wait to further my education! Thank you so much for all the help that I’ve received throughout my senior year, I feel extremely more confident and prepared for my future because of this program!

Autumn B., AZ

This program helped me get into my top four choices and I am forever grateful! My coaches were there and answered all of my questions and guided me through everything, with my essays and assessments. When I was stuck, they were there to help me. I got into my top four choices with the help of my coaches. I am so excited to say that I will be attending my number one choice!

Angeles M., NC

The most they have helped me is by making me aware of my next steps for preparing for my future; from personality/career tests to email reminders, this program made me take school very seriously. Thank you for reaching out to me from the start. I’m very grateful for having this opportunity as a member.

Hung H., OK

It helped me choose the right college that fulfilled all of the main categories (financial, emotional, etc.) for me. This program was a lifesaver when it came to figuring out everything for college.

Juanita A., AL

It has helped me to set high goals for myself and to not give up.  I know when one way will not work, there are other ways for me to achieve my goals. This is one of the best programs that helped me prepare for college and beyond.

Jordan H., PA

This program helped me explore my career options by showing so many careers that I would never think of pursuing. They also helped me with my FAFSA which is one of the most important documents ever.

Liauna M., CA

This program helped me prepare for college by being with me every step of the way since I was a Junior. Having a checklist of things I needed to do helped me stay on track. Also, reviewing documents and helping me receive more money for college was very helpful. You all are simply amazing. Thank you for everything.

Tamara B., IL

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